Eye On Technology can offer a range of services, each tailored to the specific needs of small technical companies. Small companies have a lot of needs, but often limited resources. Sometimes, outsourcing these, even for a short time, can enable them to get to the next level without large investment or significant risk. Like a mercenary soldier, Eye On Technology can do the legwork and free up the rest of your team to focus on their goals. Here are some of the areas where our experience can strengthen your team:


  • market research
  • product definition
  • determine channels to market

Business Development

  • research new geographic regions for existing products
  • research new applications for existing technology
  • discover new customers


  • develop marketing plans
  • propose budgeting
  • develop a message
  • select communication channels
  • create collateral material
  • create and support trade show presence

Web and New Media

  • support editing a company blog
  • create user spaces for customer feedback
  • create user-editble content management system (CMS) based web sites