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April 25th, 2010 No comments

Ever seen one of those exhibitions at a hip gallery downtown? Maybe it was a photography exhibit and it was a series of pictures of…well, anything. Garbage cans, hubcaps, people with their back to the camera, trees, rocks…it really doesn’t matter. How, you might sometimes think, did a bunch of pictures of rocks make it in to the gallery? I take a lot of pictures as a hobby and I know I can take better pictures than some I’ve seen in galleries, so I certainly wonder this sometimes.

The answer is focus. Not how well the photographer adjusted the focus of the camera of course; the series could have been a several blurry images, after all. Instead it was the artist’s focus on something in particular. No matter how many lovely photos I’ve taken while traveling around the world, all they ever amount to are very fine snapshots and post cards. If you check out my stream of photos, you’ll likely click away, satisfied that you’ve seen some nice images, but remembering little.

For years I’ve had a travel blog too. (That’s the second, and last plug, in case you’re counting.) Really, it’s my own blog and I figured I could write whatever I want there. While I am proud of my loyal fan base of, I don’t know seven readers? it too suffers from lack of focus. (My web stats tell me that many more people get lost there per week, but I am just assuming that only around seven are repeat customers.)

What shall friends, who’ve enjoyed what they’ve read, tell their friends about my blog? Is it really a travel blog, or a tech blog, or ramblings of some guy? How would Google’s ad words target the right content? How will people describe your business? Starting here, this new blog at Eye On Technology brings some focus to my other blogs topics, but more importantly, seeks to become a resource for our customers at the same time.

Companies founded on technology are often struggling to find a home for their amazing work. They take just about everything that looks like an application, hoping that one of them will hit. Small firms have little choice, but focus can at least enable them to make the best of the applications they already have.

Focus is a what turns pictures of a bunch of rocks into art. Focus is what turns a blog about cooking recipes into a book and a movie. Focus is what can change your business from a struggling garage shop into a successful venture.

Meanwhile, here, we’ll try to focus on technology topics, and ideas that might help your business. Please help our team out with your comments now and then.